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President's Message


President's Message

Our company starts in the handling of manufacture of
an ACC anode (copper ball), carbon and ceramic goods, mold product, etc.,
and establishes the engineering section which uses as a core work of
the "Mini continuous casting machine" developed with the
technology of originality of our company.

These three section as a core, striving for management development every day.

Having also resulted fortunately and favorably by the end of today since foundation,
the result of your support kindness and thanking heartily.

The present age is electronic age. Viewing for the innovation of the electronic,
ASABA had constructed the new factory at the Niigata on May 2005.
Our policy is based on the free mind and challenge to pioneer the strange fields.

We owe our existence today to the continued patronage and support of our customers,
and we ask you once again for your continued assistance.


Kitagawa Chiaki

14-1, Yotsuyahonshio-cho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Tel: 03-3358-3466
Fax: 03-3358-8872
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